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TraceTune is designed to read SQL Server traces and tell you which SQL statements or or stored procedures are consuming the most resources. TraceTune is the online version of ClearTrace and is maintained by scaleSQL Consulting.

TraceTune will aggregate the following three statements together:

Select * From dbo.qryLinksByNewsletterID Where NewsletterID=19
Select * From dbo.qryLinksByNewsletterID Where NewsletterID=31
sp_executesql N'Select * From dbo.qryLinksByNewsletterID Where NewsletterID=@ID', N'@ID INT', @ID = 27

and tell you how much CPU, disk reads and disk writes they consumed in aggregate. This will tell you EXACTLY which SQL statements to tune first.

Quickly Identify the Slowest Statements

List of SQL statements in a trace

You see the top 50 SQL statements that consumed the most resources. The queries that use the most CPU and disk are automatically listed at the top. This tells you exactly which SQL statements you need to tune.

See Detailed SQL Statements

List of SQL statements in a trace

For each SQL statement, we give you a sample call and the "normalized" SQL statement. We also show you the history of that statement. You can see the average resources consumed every time we saw that statement in a trace file. This lets you see the improvements your making.

Enter Comments About Any Statement

Enter comments on a SQL statement

The comments you add are integrated into the execution history of the statement. This gives you an easy way to keep track of what you've tuned and what still needs work.

View Your History

List of SQL statements in a trace

We keep the last 10 trace files you've uploaded. You can see when you uploaded the file and the aggregated statistics for that file.

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